International Sopot Youth Conference 2021 entitled Where the World is Heading

Data: June 11, 2021
Godzina: 9:00 UTC
Miejsce: online, Sopot, Polska

The Sopot Science Association (SSA) welcomes contributions to the fifth edition of the International Sopot Youth Conference 2021 entitled Where the World is Heading. This conference is the continuation of the Sopot Youth Forum. Since 2008 over 450 scientists from different countries have presented their work during the Conference.

We invite young scientists or science enthusiasts, university students, Ph.D. students and young doctors to present their work, visions, opinions, and thoughts. The Sopot Youth Conference consists of two thematic blocks: humanities and social sciences, natural and physical sciences and Women and Girls in Science.

Both oral (15 minutes) and poster presentations are welcome. Due to the uncertain COVID-19 situation worldwide, the 2021 edition of the conference will be held online.

International Sopot Youth Conference has a multidisciplinary character, therefore presentations should be prepared in an intelligible manner in English. The Conference language is English.

Our Conference Proceedings are registered, and have an ISBN, and thus can be cited.

Dear participants! Agenda and List of Posters of International Sopot Youth Conference 2021 is now available

Please follow also our International Sopot Youth Conference 2021 Proceedings!


Below you will find the links to the recordings of International Sopot Youth Conference 2021:


Poster will be available June 9 at the latest, where you can add comments and review all works before the conference.

Just like in previous editions this year the best presentations will be granted FINANCIAL AWARDS.

This year winners:

I. We want to announce that Professor Stanislaw Szymborski Award, granted by the director of the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences, for the best presentation in the field of Natural Sciences goes to Côme Denechaud, Institute of Marine Research Norway. Congratulations!

Recognitions for presentation in the Field of Natural Sciences goes to:
1) Beatrice Sorrentino, ENEA
2) Francesca Panizzuti, University of Gdansk
3) Marlena Szeligowska, IOPAN
II. GEOPLANET Award for the best poster goes to Renee Zbizika, John L. Miller, Great Neck, US
Recognitions for poster:
1) Olena Kulakovska et al., University of Lodz
2) Bartlomiej Wilman et al., University of Gdansk

Once again congratulations! You are all the winners!